Automatic Family Yearbooks

KelbyLane turns your family’s posts (Instagram & KelbyLane) into a gorgeous photo book every year, automatically.

Sync your family’s Instagram posts into your KelbyLane group

Add additional posts that only your family can see

Convert posts into a beautiful photo book automatically

"We should write that down."

It’s the everyday memories with your family…the simple moments…that you want to hold onto forever. 

So like most parents, you take plenty of pics and post to social media so you can add a few words.

Truth is, most parents use social media more like a family journal. 

But there’s a few problems. 

  1. Social media is public. You subconsciously post for the masses, leaving out TONS of private moments and thoughts…the very legacy you’ll treasure the most.
  2. It’s all on you. Wouldn’t it be great to get your spouse and kids posting memories?
  3. You don’t own it. This is your LEGACY! You must be able to hold it in your hands.


What if there was a 100% private, super easy, even FUN app your entire family could use to post pics, videos, and “write it down” on the go…just like you already do with social media.

THEN what if it could all be AUTOMATICALLY converted into a gorgeous photo book?

Introducing KelbyLane.

The easiest way ever to capture your family memories.

It’s incredibly easy.

  1. DOWNLOAD the KelbyLane mobile app.
  2. INVITE your family.
  3. You can all POST pics and moments on-the-go. It’s as easy as posting to social media, except this is private to your family, making for a convenient shared digital journal.

Optional Bonus: Import your Instagram posts into KelbyLane. Perfect for those who want to combine “public” posts with private KelbyLane posts.

It takes very little time.

Your only time spent is making posts in your KelbyLane app. You probably already to this on social media. Speaking of, you can optionally set KelbyLane to continuously import your social media posts.

Need a photo book? Just select a beginning and ending date for your posts. KelbyLane automatically converts all those posts into a gorgeous photo book!

You’ll get help from your family.

You shouldn’t have to tackle Project Family Memories alone!

Enter KelbyLane Groups. 

  1. Create a KelbyLane Group and invite your family
  2. Everyone can make posts on the go.
  3. Convert it all into a book automatically
Bonus: Have your group browse through the prompts. It’ll lead to great stories.

Your book will be beautiful forever.

KelbyLane book designs are ultra minimal in order to stand the test of time. Margins are white and fonts are classic.

You won’t have to look back at your book in 20 years and think “wow, that looks so 2021.” It’ll simply look timeless.

Your legacy will last generations

Looking back on your family memories inside the KelbyLane app is a gift. But viewing your legacy inside an heirloom quality book is a treasure.

Your kids will cherish your KelbyLane books for life…and pass them down to their kids. Imagine if you had a printed record like this of your grandparents legacy!

I’m in love with KelbyLane! I have lots of pictures that I never got printed and want to make a scrapbook but haven’t been able to get to it (it’s so much work!) So excited!!!
Amber Davis
This is perfect!! I actually tried Chatbooks and didn't love it. I had to create a fake instagram account and basically upload everything I wanted to be in my book, in order, so that I could have it "customized." It was way too much work. I can see so many enjoying this!
Jodi Harclerode
I've been saying for years I need to make a family yearbook and I haven't made one in 4 years! So I'm excited for what this could be and can’t wait to start!
Karla Jones

Why photo books?

In this age of screens, books have…soul power. No screen comes close to comparing!

Plus, your kids won’t throw away a beautiful photo book. Especially one that tells their story. They’ll treasure that book for life and pass it down to the next generation!

Too bad making a good photo book is a pain in the rear. 

Even with the latest apps, you gotta find pics, upload them, design it…blah blah blah. Either way you slice it, it’s a project. Gross.

KelbyLane to the rescue.

Easily capture life on the go with the KelbyLane app. Turn it into a book automatically when needed with a few clicks in under 1 minute!

KelbyLane books are gorgeous fine-art coffee table books made to last generations. 

We built this for us too...

After teaching over 1 million parents how to take better pics of their kids (Shultz Photo School), it became clear we all needed a better way to use our pictures to capture our family story.

Heirloom quality photo books are the obvious answer. In this age of screens, books have…soul power. No screen compares to a beautiful print.

But we needed a much better way way to create photo books. We needed something incredibly convenient, beautiful enough to actually want, and all without taking much time.

The result is KelbyLane. 

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Kelby Lane vs Social Media

Kelby Lane

Social Media

Easy to post pics, text, video.

ZERO targeted ads!

NO data tracking!

NO data selling!

Share posts with only your family.

Yes for FB, no for IG

Create a private group with your family so you can all post, like, comment, etc.

Yes for FB, no for IG

Perfect for personal posts you want to share with your family but you’d never share on social media.

Convert your group’s posts into a book automatically.*

Kid friendly.

Make / view “public” posts.

Every post on Kelby Lane is to a specific private group. Sorry, no growing a "big following" here.