"We should write this down."

Write it down in the Kelby Lane app. Add pics. Get your whole family posting.

Then out pops a beautiful book, automatically!

Your whole family posts memories.

Covert posts into a book.*

100% private, no ads, no data tracking.

Just write a sentence.

Every parent wants to remember the everyday moments. 

But “writing it down” is overwhelming. We feel like we need to write a masterpiece.

GOOD NEWS! You only need to write a sentence to preserve the memory!

Repeat often and you’re set.

Kelby Lane makes this as convenient as social media, but without the data tracking, privacy concerns, and toxic mess. 

Kelby Lane vs Social Media

Kelby Lane

Social Media

Easy to post pics, text, video.

ZERO targeted ads!

NO data tracking!

NO data selling!

Share posts with only your family.

Yes for FB, no for IG

Create a private group with your family so you can all post, like, comment, etc.

Yes for FB, no for IG

Perfect for personal posts you want to share with your family but you’d never share on social media.

Convert your group’s posts into a book automatically.*

Kid friendly.

Make / view “public” posts.

Every post on Kelby Lane is to a specific private group. Sorry, no growing a "big following" here.

how to get started. Step #1

Register Free

Tip: have each family member sign up. Grandparents. Siblings. Even your kiddos! Don’t worry, this is completely private. No targeted ads and no data harvesting!

Note: We’re currently in private BETA only. Please join the Kelby Lane waitlist to be notified of our next private BETA opportunity!

Step #2

Create or Join a Group

You can only post to private groups inside Kelby Lane. Think of it like “private social media.” 

Most Kelby Lane users start by creating a group with their spouse and kids. It’s the central, safe place to capture your everyday moments together. Especially memories that you’d want to make a book out of.

Another popular option is extended family groups. Grandparents especially LOVE seeing posts of their family.  

Step #3


All your group members can post, like, and comment as easy as Facebook, but without the ads, privacy concerns, and drama! 

Simple, short posts work perfectly. Add one pic or many.

If you’re long winded one day, that works too.

Step #4

Convert to Book*

Imagine being able to create a book from your Kelby Lane posts in under 1 minute! This is what we’re working towards.

*NOTE: Kelby Lane is currently a digital only product. The book conversion launch is contingent on funding for development.

In the meantime, Kelby Lane helps families capture memories in a digital format. When book conversion launches, you’ll already have posts ready to print from day one!

And that's just the beginning.

We have so many more ideas to help you capture your story.
To stay informed, please join our waitlist.

Now testing!

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